About MalaFood.com

MalaFood.com provides definitive recipes and innovative guides to essential authentic Sichuan food and Chinese cooking anywhere and everywhere.

Mala is a combination of two Chinese character pinyin "ma" (numbing) and "la" (spicy), featured as the numbing taste of Sichuan peppercorns and the hot spicy of chili peppers. Mala is also used in Mandarin slang to mean "vigorous" and "audacious". By "mala" here, we mean impressive, audacious, inventive, well-made, or just delicious. MalaFood.com is all about enjoying authentic Sichuan cooking with many "mala" ways from a college dorm microwave, a little home kitchen to a commercial restaurant backend.

Sichuan food is renowned for its rich flavors of over 30 types and owed to the liberal use of bold and pungent ingredients in over 50 different ways of cooking. MalaFood.com is the right place to learn, discover and share them.

MalaFood.com is more than just recipes and guides. It's also a community of folks who are passionate about Sichuan food, just like you:

  • You can post tricks or tips for others to hack and fix their dishes
  • You can share a delicious recipe for others to follow
  • You can show what your final dish looks like under a recipe
  • Or just ask a simple question
You are invited to make contributions to our Sichuan cooking community.