Baiyou Sigua - Stir Fried Sponge Gourd

  • 10 minutes
  • 2 servings
Baiyou Sigua is a pretty popular home dish in Sichuan. The sponge gourd, also called towel gourd, is either sliced thinly as done in the recipe or cut into chunks for better finished looking. The gourd is stir-fried in its own juice and its own original flavor. It can be prepared in a few minutes and is very healthy. The natural light sweet flavor is even loved by most young kids who do not like vegetables at all.


Green Sponge Gourd 14 Oz
Green Onion 2 pcs
Garlic Cloves 4-5 Pcs
Salt to Taste
Cooking oil 2 tbs


  • 1Remove the skin of sponge gourd which is also called towel gourd.
  • 2Slice the gourd and garlic cloves, but mince green onion
  • 3Heat cooking oil in wok over medium or high heat. Stir in garlic and onion stems.
  • 4Add sponge gourd and stir constantly until cooked. Add salt to taste.
  • 5Transfer to a service plate and add green onion on the top

Tips & Notes


  • 新年快樂!! Chúc mừng năm mới! Simple and delicious. The vegetable sponge is also known as the Egyptian cucumber and the Vietnamese gourd. How did an Egyptian cuke get to Vietnam or Sichuan? In the Bronze Age? Is it called the Vietnamese gourd because it borders Sichuan? I cannot find the recipe or any mention in the Chinese and Vietnamese cookbooks which I possess. And one is the Art of Sichuan Cooking. Can I find this gourd in the Vietnamese markets as well as the Chinese markets? Is it possible to find it in a Thai grocers as well locally? I understand it is also a natural detox? It looks very nutritious and scrumptious. Thank you very much for an easy-to-follow quick recipe, " BAIYOU SIGUA ". Well Done.
  • Did you also add water?
    • Chris Liang
      No water. That is the key!